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Tribest Sedona Digital Food Dehydrator
Model SD-P9000

Accurate, Efficient, and Elegantly Styled!

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Unique Versatility - Two Drying Compartments - Sedona’s heating compartment can be divided into two drying compartments offering unsurpassed versatility while using less electricity and eliminating excess waste.

  • Use at full capacity or half capacity - the Sedona Food Dehydrator features two digitally controlled fans with heating coils and heat sensors that divide Sedona into two drying compartments.
  • Dual Fan Technology allows you to program Sedona to be used at its full capacity or half its capacity. Conveniently choose to dehydrate four, five or nine trays of food at a time for small to large batches of your favorite recipes. Each fan-heater-set has its own heat sensor which displays the current temperature of each compartment inside Sedona.

Sedona Food Dehydrator by Tribest

Digital Timer with Accuracy - Other food dehydrators claim to be digital but only offer digital timers and do not control the current temperature within the drying compartment. Sedona is the only dehydrator which offers an all digital control panel and is fully automated to accurately control the way your food is dehydrated.


  • Horizontal Air Flow - for fast even drying
  • On/Off Switch – Easily switch Sedona on and off without having to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Temperature Display Mode – The digital temperature display panel consistently displays the current temperature of Sedona® in Fahrenheit (°F) or in Celsius (°C) degrees within each drying compartment, measuring the temperature of the circulated air and giving you an accurate reading of the current temperature range inside Sedona. A blinking glyph identifies which heating coil is active.
  • Quiet Operation - 2 Modes - Day or Night
    The Sedona Food Dehydrator has extremely quiet fans but also features a unique night mode setting which reduces the speed of each fan, thus reducing overall noise for quieter operation during the evening hours when you are sleeping.
  • Energy Efficient - Sedona® efficiently and evenly distributes heated air utilizing Dual Fan Technology controlled digitally for optimum performance. Each fan-heater-set can be used independently to dehydrate four to five trays for smaller batches of your favorite dehydrated recipes; using less energy when compared to dehydrating nine trays with both fans at full capacity.
  • Glass Window – Easily monitor the food dehydration process with your own eyes without having to switch the unit off or opening the unit door.
  • Digital Temperature Control – Because the heated air from each fan-heater-set is monitored by its own heat sensor, temperature can be easily adjusted to your preferred setting for the most accurate and efficient operation.
  • Electronic Digital Display – Accurately and easily set Sedona to your preferred temperature setting without disruption. Also, the current drying temperature is digitally displayed for your convenience.
  • Digital Timer - Adjust the digital timer to a single dehydration time up to 99 hours or set Sedona to continuous mode for 150 hours of uninterrupted
  • Compact Design – Sized identically to replace most microwave oven space designs.
  • Dual Fan Technology – Sedona is the first dehydrator to offer a total of 600 watts using two sets of 300-watt independent fans, two heating coils, and two heat sensors, controlled digitally and grouped together to form two fan-heater-sets, which can be set to operate independently or simultaneously.
  • BPA Free Plastic Trays and Tray Mesh Screens Each tray and mesh screen is made only with BPA free material and designed to optimize
    the dehydration area inside Sedona. Additionally, Sedona’s casing is also BPA Free. Compared to other dehydrators which use harmful black dyes in their trays to help mask food stains, Sedona only uses clear plastic trays to make cleaning easier.
  • Air Vents – Sedona is designed with multiple air vents to allow for both even and efficient air flow and circulation of heated air.
  • Warranty - 5 Years


The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest accurately and efficiently distributes heated air, drying foods better and much more evenly when compared to other food dehydrators.

 Sedona Food Dehydrator by Tribest
Sedona Food Dehydrator
with 9 Trays-All BPA Free

Sedona® is the elegantly easy way
to dehydrate raw whole living foods, preserving the natural nutritional
value and taste without using
artificial preservatives.

Compared to other leading
dehydrators, Sedona® offers
unsurpassed performance
utilizing the latest digital
dehydrating technologies with
accurate temperature controls.

Your Tribest Sedona Food Dehydrator comes with the following:

  • 9 BPA Free Plastic Open Trays
  • 9 BPA Free Plastic Mesh Tray Screens
  • 1 BPA Free Plastic Closed Tray (Compartment Divider)
  • 1 Detachable Power Cord
  • 1 Operation Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

Tribest Sedona Food Dehydrator
9 Tray - Model SD-P9000

Suggested Retail: $499.00
Fern's Price: $379.95
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October Sale! $349.95 Plus FREE GIFTS

Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 Dehydrator will come include a copy of the “Simply Dehydrated” recipe book (by Jenny Ross, $19.95 Retail Value) + 9 Pieces (3 sets) of the BPA-Free Silicone Drying Sheets for use with fruit leathers and more... ($47.85 Retail Value).

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Sedona Food Dehydrator by Tribest

Sedona Food Dehydrator
with Tempered Glass Door


for Sedona Food Dehydrator:

  • 110 Volt: 60 Hz, 600 watts, 220 Volt 50 Hz, 600 watts
  • BPA-Free material
  • Tempered Glass Door on Hinge
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Dual 4.5" Fans
  • Digital Adjustable Thermostat 86 degrees to 155 degrees
  • 1" space between trays
  • Built in Timer 1 to 99 Hours or Continuous
  • Horizontal Air Flow
  • Net Weight: 23.4 lbs (10.6 kg)
  • Unit Dimensions: 17in.(W) x 19.7in.(D) x 14.6in. (H)
  • Tray Size: 15.25” (L) x 13”(W) x 1” (H)
  • Tray Drying area: 14” (L) x 11.5” (W) x 1” (H)
  • 5 Year Warranty

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