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Infrared Sauna Hothouse

Discontinued Product

Precision Therapy Portable
Far Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heater and Negative Ion - Regular
 Sauna Hothouse


  • Detoxifying
  • Slimming
  • Energizing
  • Beautifying
  • Total Wellness


Fern's Nutrition

of FIR Sauna Heat

How to Assemble

Interior Diagram

How to Use


FeaturesSauna Hothouse

  • Far infrared (FIR) carbon-fiber heating panels (2 on sides, 1 on back),

    PLUS ceramic FIR fan-driven heater
  • Opens easily and quickly to approx. 41" high x 31" wide x 33" deep; folds into 6.5” depth. Can be stored under a bed.
  • Zippered entrance, and zippered openings for both arms (for holding books, etc.). Zips and unzips from both the inside and the outside.
  • Intelligent master control unit, with handheld controller for time and heating levels
  • When FIR Sauna Hothouse heats up to 65°C (149°F), FIR material emits 95% of its energy.
  • It takes only 5 minutes to reach 65°C (149°F) constant temperature.
  • Low running cost --- only $0.05 for 30 minute's use.Sauna Hothouse
  • Timer with LED digital display controlling the thermostat has been preset to 10, 20 & 30 minutes.

  • Super conductive heating element of 1030 watts plus FIR radiation equivalent to 1780 watt's thermal energy.
  • Totally safe, not burdensome even to cardiovascular patients.
  • Depending on individuals, the volume of perspiration can be 500cc within 10 minute's use.
  • Only a minute to setup or to close down. No mess to clean up --- just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Light weight --- only 11 lbs. Dry and portable, suitable for use anywhere.


Sauna Hothouse

The Infrared Sauna Hothouse is
Mildew Free / Care Free
And Portable

Only 1 Minute to Set Up
No Mess to Clean Up

Hands can be extended through slits in the front wall to set controls or for reading, etc.


    • FIR Sauna Hothouse
    • Timer Control Box with 2.5 meter power cord.
    • Foot pad
    • Foam Floor cushion
    • Folding Chair


The Advantage of the Far Infrared FIR Sauna Over A Conventional Sauna

A conventional sauna heats the air in the chamber to a very high temperature, which in turn heats our body. A FIR sauna works differently. Neither oxygen molecules nor nitrogen molecules in the air can block the FIR wave; therefore, the FIR unique wavelength penetrates directly into our body a couple of inches. It makes us feel quite warm and we perspire profusely, but our skin is not hurt by the hot air. Some heavy metals accumulate under our skin and the FIR sauna is very good for sweating out heavy metal deposits under our skin.

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