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Excalibur Dehydrators
Featuring Parallexx Drying

America's Best DehydratorExcalibur Made in USA
Made in America

Quality Dehydrators at Discount Prices

Free Shipping on all Excalibur Dehydrator Models

Excalibur Dehydrators for Raw Food Dehydration

Excalibur is the world leader when it comes to dehydration technology for home and commercial use. Excalibur dehydrators are safe for drying fruits, vegetables, meat for jerky and fish.
You can even use for arts & crafts and homemade pet snacks.
 Excalibur's Economy
2000 Series
 Excalibur's Deluxe
3000 Series
  Excalibur's Deluxe
3000 Series
w/ 26 Hour Timer

 New Excalibur's Stainless Steel Series
w/ 26 Hour Timer
Excalibur 2000 Series
3 Models - Black Only
 Excalibur 3900 Dehydrator
Choose Black or White
 Excalibur 3000 Series with timer
Choose Black or White

Excalibur Stainless Steel DehydratorStainless Steel Exterior

Model 2400 (4 Tray) $129.95
Model 2500 (5 Tray)
Model 2900 (9 Tray)
Model 3500 (5 Tray) $199.95
Model 3900 (9 Tray) $249.95
Longer 10 Yr. Warranty, Free Book &
Upgraded Components
for Longer Life
Model 3526T (5 Tray) $249.95
Model 3926T (9 Tray) $299.95
Longer 10 Yr. Warranty,
26 Hr. Timer &
Upgraded Components
for Longer Life

Model D500S (5 Tray) $349.95
Model D900S (9 Tray) $399.95
Model D500SHD (5 Tray) $429.95
Model D900SHD (9 Tray) $499.95
10 Yr. Warranty, Free Book,
26 Hr. Timer &
Upgraded Components

The Versatile Excalibur Dehydrator is an Excellent Value
Dried fruits, vegetables, and jerky are JUST the beginning!

With the Excalibur Dehydrators you can:

  • Preserve Fruits & Vegetables Quickly & Easily
  • Dry Fish & Meats in Just 4-6 Hours
  • Whip up treats that'll put your baker out of business
  • Make fun & flavorful fruit rolls that are GOOD for you
  • Provide your own high-production YOGURT FACTORY
  • Save Money on Your Food Bills
  • Eliminate Preservatives & Additives
  • Eliminate Excess Salt & Fillers, too
  • Say "No More Junk Food"
  • Ideal for home crafts, too

*Free Shipping in the Continental US. Call for Quotes for Alaska and Hawaii

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