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Acme Juicer

The Original Juicerator
Juice Extractor

  • The Acme Juicer is a Centrifugal Type
    juicer producing a high yield from your fruits and vegetables.
    • The Acme Juicer high-yield secret is in the powerful centrifugal action where an inner basket spins 60 times per second, forcing the pure juice through thousands of tiny side openings, while the pulp adheres to the side for easy disposal.
  • Easy To Clean - A light twist releases the patented clutch, and all parts lift out for quick, easy cleaning.
  • Quality Tested Materials - All Acme Juicer inner parts are made of commercial quality stainless steel. The top and bowl of the Model 6001 are made of stainless steel. The top and bowl of Model 5001 are made of plastic.

Special Features of Acme Juicer Models:

  • Patented Gyro Base: A perfectly balanced flywheel, combined with non-marking feet encircling the base, eliminates “walking” and all other vibration.
  • “Floating Action” Stainless Steel Blade:
    The surgical-quality blade changes position while juicing, causing the pulp to be evenly distributed, and avoiding a major source of undue wear and tear.
  • Self-Adjusting Clutch: A self-adjusting mechanism compensates or normal wear to ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Exclusive Powerful Motor: The Acme Juicerator Induction-type motor has no brushes that can wear out. It requires no maintenance or lubrication.
  • Stainless Steel Basket/Strainer: The Acme Juicer precision-balanced basket, with its two-quart capacity, is made of pure, strong, stainless steel.

The Acme Juicer
Converts fresh fruits
and vegetables into
a fountain of rich,
pure juice – instantly!

Quality juicers at discount prices

Acme Juicer
Acme Juicer Model 6001
Stainless Steel Bowl & Lid

Fern's Discount Price:
$209.00 Free Shipping*

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 Acme Juicer
Model 6001 Plus
Package of 200 Filters
 Acme Juice FiltersAcme Juicer

Fern's Discount Price:
$220.95 Free Shipping*

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Acme Juicer Model 6001 Specifications

  • Centrifugal Type
  • 1/4 hp, Induction Motor
  • 3600 rpms
  • Stainless Steel Bowl & Lid
  • Stainless Steel Blade & Strainer Basket
  • Weight 15 lb.
  • Dimensions:
    12 1/2" H and 10" Diameter
  • 10 year guarantee
  • U.L. Listed

Online Ordering for
Acme Citrus Attachment,
Acme Filter Accessories &
Acme Replacement Parts Below



Optional Accessories for
Acme Juicer
Models 5001 & 6001

Acme Citrus Attachment
Fern's Discount Price: $45.00
Citrus Attachment Ordered Separately
(Shipping will be added)

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Citrus Attachment Purchased With Juicer

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Acme Citrus Juicer Attachment

The Acme Citrus Attachment fAcme Citrus Juicerits both model 5001 and model 6001. It converts the Juicerator’s 3600 R.P.M. down to 300 R.P.M., providing all the power necessary to squeeze every last drop from all citrus fruit.

Filter Liners
Easy Clean Up
200 per Pack

Acme Juice Filters

Filters make your Acme Juicer Model 5001 or 6001 simple and easy to clean. Just line the inner strainer basket with the filters before juicing. Made from non-bleached cellulose fiber, the filter liners make removing the pulp from the strainer basket quick and easy.

When Ordered Separately
Minimum Purchase is 3 Packages
(600 filters total)
Price: $35.85
(Shipping will be added)

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Replacement Parts

  Replacement Blade for Acme Model 6001 or Model 5001
Price: $39.95

Buy Omega Filters

Replacement Clutch for Acme Model 6001 or Model 5001
(Spring Clutch Nut - Holds Blade in place.)
Price: $11.95

Buy Omega Filters

* Free Shipping applies to orders shipped to areas within the continental U.S.
Please call for shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii and overseas locations.

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